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Organic Chemistry RRR Booklet (JEE/NEET)

Organic Chemistry RRR Booklet (JEE/NEET)

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Organic Chemistry, A subject which makes students frightened in so many directions.

RRR will help you become zero to hero in just 44 pages.

Every chapter has a separate section of reagents which will help you learn all the functions in an easier way.

The line maps in the end of the back settles you down with all the reagents, name reactions and the journal concepts of organic chemistry like rearrangements in one go. 

The flow of the book starts from GOC and covers even the side topics like practical chemistry.


1. General Organic Chemistry

2. Isomerism

3. Reactive Intermediates

4. Simple Hydrocarbon Alkane

5. Electrophilic addition to Alkenes and Alkynes

6. Nu- addition to carbonyls and ketones

7. Nu- Substitution to carboxylic acids

8. Nu- substitution to Saturated carbon

9. Electrophylic substitution to aromatics

10. All reactions of Phenols

11. All important reactions for Amines

12. Practical Organic Chemistry

13. Important Line Maps for Exams

(The product is an aggregate of all topics of organicchemistry in the form of short notes for jee and neet)


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