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You might be curious about the fact, that how do the flashcards actually look like? Do not worry, we want you to be sure of what you are going to buy, Get your hands on to the pdf of some flashcards for different entrance exams.

You may be wondering about these


What Are Flashcards?

In exams like NEET and IIT-JEE, where learning a lot of concepts and applying them all together becomes a difficult task for the aspirant. For subjects like biology for NEET, or a really vast chapter like thermodynamics for JEE and NEET, retaining all the information seems to be an impossible task.

So here is the solutions of the same!

We have made concise notes of all the chapters of physics, chemistry and biology for both NEET and JEE in the form of flashcards, which are one of the best short notes for NEET and JEE because they not only cover each part of the NCERT but also are designed in such a manner that all the concepts can be retained in your memory for a greater time. These help you with faster and targeted revision along with complete understanding of the topic, so that you can give more time to practice questions.

Why Flashcards?

Flashcards Helps to

  1. Perform Active Recall due to colourful material on 300 GSM artboard
  2. Do Targeted Study (Specially on your weak topics)
  3. Monitor And compare your performance
  4. Do Space Repitition (Revise more Frequently)

Can these help improve marks?

The Utmost Important task to perform before exam is Revision which can make a sky high difference in your marks, With flashcards you can revise multiple times in minutes, carrying your subjects in your pocket, revising anywhere and thus, improving your score upto 80%.

Is whole syllabus covered?

Firstly, Whole syllabus is actually not important to cover in perspect to an entrance exams but is very important in perspect to school exams. Thus Ransho Revision has included 95% of the syllabus and made revision 100 times easier.


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