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NEET (UG) Ultimate Combo Flashcards - Physics & Chemistry

NEET (UG) Ultimate Combo Flashcards - Physics & Chemistry

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Ultimate Combo - Physics and Chemistry


  • 50 Flashcards for Physical & Inorganic Chemistry
  • 44 Page Organic Chemistry Booklet 
  • P-Block & Practical Chemistry Booklet
  • 50 Flashcards for Physics


Index of Chemistry Deck


  • Some Basic Concepts of chemistry, Structure of Atom, Thermodynamics & Thermochemistry, Chemical equilibrium, Ionic Equilibrium, Dilute Solutions, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Periodic Properties, Chemical Bonding, Coordination Compounds, D Block, Biomolecules, Chemistry in Everyday life, Environmental Chemistry.


Index of Physics Deck


  • Units & Dimensions, Motion in a straight line, Projectile Motion, Vectors, Laws of Motion, Work Energy & Power, Rotational Motion, Gravitation, Elasticity, Fluids, Thermal Matter, Kinetic Theory of Gases, Oscillations, Waves, Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Magnetic Effects of Current, Alternating Current, Optics, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Atoms & Nuclei, Photoelectric Effect, Semi Conductors.


Index of Organic Chemistry Booklet


  • General Organic Chemistry, Isomerism, Reactive Intermediates, Alkanes, Electrophilic Addition to Alkenes & Alkynes, Nucleophilic addition to Carbonyl Compounds, Nucleophilic Substitution to Carboxylic acid, Electrophilic substitution in Aromatics, Reactions for phenols, Practical Organic Chemistry.


Index of P-Block & Practical Chemistry Booklet


  • P-Block Elements, Redox Reactions, Preparation of Organic Compounds, Purification of Organic Compounds, Qualitative Analysis, Preparation of Inorganic Salts, Salt Analysis
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